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There are a lot of fine thriller writers, but few are as thrilling as Marta Sprout. Her stories can be by turns terrifying, classy, heartwarming, quirky or hilarious. One thing is certain, she’ll keep you eagerly turning pages–if you dare! World-class.

David Farland, Bestselling Author and Hollywood Greenlighter

ISLAND OF BONES is a breathtaking, action-packed thrill-ride. Kate Bowers strength, compassion, and a fierce streak honed in combat, makes this story a must read.

Robert Dugoni, International Bestselling Author of The Tracy Crosswhite Series

Set in colorful Key West… filled with twists and turns coming at the reader from all angles…This is an action packed non-stop thriller that transports the reader along on a roller coaster ride with never a dull moment… Kate Bowers… is a terrific blend of brains, strength of character, and pure guts the type of strong character that we all love to root for to succeed against all odds. Those who enjoy suspenseful stories will be glad they decided to read this spellbinding thriller.

Gary W. Noesner, Chief, FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit (retired)

Would you risk your life for total strangers?

When she is assaulted while on vacation in Key West, the unforgettable Kate Bowers marshals her skills as a former homicide detective and Army MP. As she hunts down her assailant, she discovers women enslaved in a high-end sex trafficking operation on a luxury super-yacht. That’s only the first complication. The president’s daughter is missing and in mortal danger. When a U.S. company produces a viable quantum chip, a rogue senator tries to sell it to North Korea, hoping for a $12 billion payoff. But China refuses to let this technology fall into the hands of a rival. This could be war.

Determined to do what it takes, Bowers finds herself in the middle of it all. The game is on.
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