Marta Sprout


​That I write thrillers is no surprise for those who know me. When not writing, I love skiing big mountains, scuba diving, and snorkeling with 40’ whale sharks. I teach at the police academy and have done training scenarios with cadets and SWAT. In addition to the pursuit of an accurate and credible story, the bond I have with law enforcement, military, and firefighters comes from a deep respect for those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect total strangers. For me, being an advocate for others came as a result of one incident that rocked my world. As a teen, I drove to Hollywood long before sunrise. After becoming hopelessly lost, I parked near a driveway in a gated community to read a map. Arriving home later that night, I spotted that driveway on the news. It was Sharon Tate’s home. I’d been there just before the bodies were discovered. Today, writing thrillers gives us all a safe way to unravel why some are violent, to honor victims and bravery, and to wonder what you or I would do in the shoes of a hero.

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